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DisclaimIt is a server-based message processing tool for adding disclaimers, banners and signatures to e-mail messages. It can be installed and used in an MS Exchange Server 2013/2016/2019 environment.


  • Multithreaded processing engine which provides excellent performance and high scalability.
  • Supports rule-based message processing for internal, outgoing and incoming messages in an 2013/2016/2019 environment.
  • MS Exchange Server transport rules are used for conditional processing of messages.
  • AD attributes of originators can be dynamically included into the text to be added to messages to implement server-based user signatures.
  • Supports processing of messages being of any body format: rich text, plain text and HTML.
  • Supports attachments to be added to messages.
  • Supports automatically generated vCards to be added to messages.
  • Supports inline image files in HTML text to add.
  • Supports inserting text before the replied or forwarded text of a message.
  • Supports dynamic inclusion of text files and message properties into the text to be added to messages.
  • Supports extensive and configurable trace logging to file or Event Log for diagnostic purposes.
  • Supports optional message logging for diagnostic purposes.
  • Local or remote administration can be performed interactively using the DisclaimIt Manager, which is implemented as an MMC 3.0 Snap-In.
  • Supports easy backup and restore of configuration data.
  • Exposed performance counters allow for monitoring runtime parameters.
Supported OS: Windows Server 2012 (R2)
Windows Server 2016
Windows Server 2019
Windows Server 2022
Supported E-mail Servers: Exchange Server 2013 (CU21 or later)
Exchange Server 2016 (CU11 or later)
Exchange Server 2019
Software Type: Trialware (60 days)

DisclaimIt Manager

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File Content
  • DisclaimIt 5.5 Build 550 (v5.50.550) -/- 2022-04-28
    MSI Installation Package for 64-bit Windows
  • Documentation (HTML Help) only. This file is included in the product distribution file. You will download this file in case that you want to take a look at the documentation before installing the product.
  • Note: If you download the documentation separately, you must unblock the file after downloading it.

DisclaimIt ships with a Limited Trial/Relative Expiration Date license certificate file. This evaluation license supports 100,000 users but expires 60 days after installation. According to the End-User Licence Agreement ("EULA"), on expiration of the evaluation license, you must either purchase a valid customer license to convert the evaluation software into a commercial version or, as an alternative, completely uninstall the software.

Licenses for DisclaimIt 1.x, 2.x, 3.x or 4.x are not valid for DisclaimIt 5.5, which requires a DisclaimIt 5.x license. Licenses for DisclaimIt 4.x can be upgraded to DisclaimIt 5.x licenses.

If you own a DisclaimIt 4.x license, you can purchase a new DisclaimIt 5.x license for a special upgrade price (50% of the full price).

A user is defined as follows: Whenever a message is processed by DisclaimIt, the originator of the message counts as a user if the sender address is defined on any recipient object (mailbox/contact/group/public folder). The recipient object of the originator is used to represent the user and is stored in a list which contains all active users. If a user does not send another message, which is processed by DisclaimIt, for 36 hours, the user entry is removed from the list of active users.

The following DisclaimIt 5.x licenses are available:

License Price (EUR)          License Price (EUR)
10 user € 135.00   500 user € 1,230.00
15 user € 170.00   750 user € 1,545.00
25 user € 230.00   1,000 user € 1,815.00
35 user € 275.00   1,500 user € 2,280.00
50 user € 340.00   2,500 user € 3,035.00
75 user € 425.00   3,500 user € 3,665.00
100 user € 500.00   5,000 user € 4,480.00
150 user € 625.00   7,500 user € 5,625.00
250 user € 835.00   10,000 user € 6,610.00
350 user € 1,005.00      

Displayed prices do not include VAT. Depending on the origin of the customer, VAT might be charged in addition to the net price.

Licenses for more than 10,000 users can only be ordered directly from us by purchase order.

For each user license purchased, you will receive a license certificate file. To apply a license to an installed version of DisclaimIt, copy the new license certificate file to the directory <InstallationPath>\Data\Configuration\Licenses.

An x user license, represented by a license certificate file, may be applied to and used on as many MS Exchange Hub Transport servers within the same organization at the same time as desired. This means that you only need one license for as many users as the maximum number of users to be supported on any of your MS Exchange Hub Transport servers.

More than one user license can be applied to the same computer at the same time. For example: Let's assume that a customer purchased a 50 user license for his 40 user environment. Due to growth of the company, it's foreseeable that within a year 70 user will be using the product. Instead of purchasing a new 100 user license, the customer can purchase a 25 user license and apply it to the computer in addition to the already existing 50 user license. 75 users are now covered by the two licenses on the computer.

All user licenses to be applied to the same server must have been issued to the same licensee. If this is not the case, only one license will be recognized!

A user license is valid for all product releases with the same major version number, e.g.: a DisclaimIt 5.x license is valid for v5.0, v5.4, v5.5, etc.

DisclaimIt can be uninstalled by:

  • Open the MS Windows Control Panel
  • Select 'Uninstall a Program'
  • Find DisclaimIt in the list of programs and double click on it
  • Click the 'Uninstall' button in the DisclaimIt Uninstall window

No. What you downloaded and are currently evaluating is the full product. But the included license certificate file is only valid for 60 days. When you purchase a license, you'll receive a new license certificate file. You must then copy this new license certificate file into the directory <InstallDir>\Data\Configuration\Licenses. The new license certificate file will be automatically detected. There's no need to restart anything or to reinstall the product.

DisclaimIt will not modify messages which are encrypted or signed. Based on your configuration, such messages will be either ignored (send as-is), rejected or wrapped as attachment into new messages.

No. Text is added by DisclaimIt to messages while the message is in transit. The original messages in the user's Sent Items folder are not modified.

In the plain text and rich text of your text module, just insert empty lines at top before your text. In the HTML text, use HTML formatting tags (e.g. <P>, <BR>) to achieve the desired spacing.

It depends:

  • For rich-text messages: The formatting of your rich text is preserved.
  • For plain text messages: You can't specify the font for the plain text because plain text message doesn't support any kind of formatting - except line breaks.
  • For HTML messages: Use CSS attributes in your HTML source code to specify the font to use.
  • Install DisclaimIt on the new server.
  • Copy the content of the directory <InstallDir>\Data\Configuration from the old server to the new server.

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