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Order Information

Our trialware products (DisclaimIt, DkimX and SL4NT) are distributed as fully functional but time limited evaluation versions. After purchasing a license, you receive your license data. By applying the license data to your evaluation version, you turn it into an unlimited one. If you want to purchase a program but have no evaluation version, you need to download one first, then order a license and, after receiving your license data, apply it to your evaluation version as described in the online help of the program.

Product licenses for our products can be purchased online from our online reseller BlueSnap, directly from us by purchase order or you can use the services of one of our resellers.

Click Buy Now to order any of our trialware products from our online reseller BlueSnap using a credit card, personal check, wire transfer, phone or fax. All credit card orders will be processed securely in real time by BlueSnap and you'll receive your license data by e-mail within a few minutes after ordering.

Please send your purchase order (in English or German) per e-mail (as PDF-file) or postal mail to:

Franz Krainer - netal
Kettenbrueckengasse 20/25
A-1040 Vienna
VAT-ID: AT U11721001

  • If you want to purchase licenses for re-sale to your customers, you must provide their names on the purchase order. Their names are needed for generating the license data.
  • The license data or license certificate files are delivered by e-mail. Please provide the e-mail address of the license data recipient on the purchase order.
  • You can pay by credit transfer or cheque after you received our invoice. If you want to pay by credit card, you must use the online ordering system provided by BlueSnap.
  • If you want to order in a different currency, select your desired currency in the online store to see the prices of the licenses being displayed in your desired currency.
  • If you are located in a country which is a member of the European Union:
    • Please provide the VAT-ID of your company on the purchase order. If no VAT-ID is provided, 20% VAT will be added to the license price.
    • We recommend that you use EUR as currency on the purchase order.